IntiQuan IQR Tools Repository


Installation of IQR Tools

By downloading and installing any version of IQR Tools you agree to have read and understood the licensing agreement.

For the installation of IQR Tools a convenient installer has been provided.
This installer allows to install either the newest version or a specific version of interest.
In addition it ensures that the correct versions of dependencies for the user's R version are installed as well.

The installer for the IQR Tools R package is loaded in R as follows: The following command installs the newest version of IQR Tools and forces installation of dependencies. Use this when installing IQR Tools the first time: If your operating system is Redhat 6 or Centos 6, please specify the additional argument centosRedhat6=TRUE as shown below: This installs version "0.9.3" without forcing installation of dependencies: This installs version "0.9.3" and attempts to install NLMIXR:

Documentation of IQR Tools

Support of IQR Tools

A support forum is available at:

Release Notes

Release notes to the different IQR Tools version can be found here: RELEASE_NOTES.txt