Welcome to the official documentation of the IQR Tools R package!

Who this book is for

  • Modeling & Simulation experts in the pharma industry
  • Academic researchers and students
  • Scientists who want to use the right tool for the task to be performed
  • Anyone who is interested in nonlinear mixed effect modeling and does not want to learn it the hard way

To get a quick overview of the IQR Tools capabilities, have a look at the provided Case Studies.

How to read this book

The book is divided into four parts. The first-time user might want to start with the Introduction part, followed by a Case Study that fits his or her needs.

  1. Introduction: aimed at covering topics around installation of IQR Tools, reproducibility of results, and setup of example files to allow running all examples contained in this book.
  2. Case Studies: Examples for specific analysis tasks. From simple tasks, like generation of a Kaplan-Meier plot, to more complex tasks, like a full population PK workflow.
  3. Manuals: More detailed manuals describing the IQR Tools functionality.
  4. Appendix: Reference for functions of IQR Tools.