3 Installation

IQR Tools has been developed as a software package for the well-established and free statistical software environment R.

3.1 IQR Tools

                 repos = c("https://iqrtools.intiquan.com/rrepo","https://cran.r-project.org/"), 
                 dependencies = TRUE)

Note that IQR Tools is currently not on CRAN - but we are working on it. Use the command above to install both IQR Tools and its dependencies.

Test your installation by executing the following:

test_IQRtools()  # Should result in a data.frame

3.2 Setup after installation

After the above installation, please locate the folder in which IQR Tools has been installed. In this folder there is a file called setup_options_IQRtools.R. Please have a look in this file and edit it as appropriate. It realizes the interfaces to NONMEM and MONOLIX and has other customization possibilites that might be needed on your system. You also can call the function setup_IQRtools() which will open the setup file in an editor and allow editing.

In case you do not have admin rights and the IQR Tools installation is a global one, then you can call setup_IQRtools(local=TRUE), which allows you to overwrite the global settings locally (if allowed by your system administrator).