Read IQRsysData file

Old name: read_IQRdata

  datafile = NULL,
  catNames = NULL,
  covNames = NULL,
  regressorNames = NULL,
  keep = "CONDITION", = "ID",
  inputs = NULL


  1. A character pointing to the CSV data file or

  2. A data.frame or an IQRsysData-object

  3. A list, as it can be passed to IQRnlmeEst.

covNames, catNames, regressorNames

Character vector, denoting continuous covariates, categorical covariates or regression parameters. If data is passed as list, the covariate/regressor Information in this list overwrites these arguments


Character vector of additional columns to keep in the "condition.grid" attribute of the datalist

Column by which to split into conditions. If other than "ID" must be contained in keep. # DL: Update: it doesn't have to be anymore


number of inputs. Can be NULL in which case the number of inputs is detected from the data


A datalist object with additional attributes dosing (parameter transformation for the dosing events), max_scheme (maximum number of doses of each input), catNames, covNames, regressorNames (Covariate/Regression parameters in the data set), keep (All columns of the dataset which are kept in the condition.grid, including catNames, covNames), forcings (data.frame to specify forcings)

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