Exports an IQRaedataER object

This function exports an IQRaedataER object as CSV dataset. There are several options. On request (and in addition to the CSV) file an XPT file can be exported. A define file in IQReport rmd syntax will be generated as well on request. Meta information that is stored as attributes in the IQRaedataER object will be stored in a separate attributes text file (filename.atr). The exported dataset will contain any columns that are present in the data input argument.

  filename = NULL,
  FLAGxpt = FALSE,
  FLAGdefine = TRUE,
  addColLabels = NULL



IQRaedataER object


Filename of the data file to create (not more than 8 characters without extension - if FLAGxpt=TRUE)


If TRUE then a SAS XPT file will be generated additionally


If TRUE then a "filename"_define.rmd file will be generated additionally. The syntax of this file is in the IQReport markdown syntax and allows human readbility. The IQReport software can subsequently be used to convert this file to Microsoft WORD, allowing further editing and saving as a PDF file.


List with named elements. Names are column names and the value of an element is the label. If defining addColLabels for columns that are already handled automatically, the provided labels will overwrite the automatic ones. Example: addColLabels <- list(IXGDF="Other label",NEWCCOL="Label for NEWCOL"). This information is needed only for XPT and define file generation