Generate RMD command to include a table from a file

Allows to generate RMD code to include a table defined in a text file. To include a table from an R dataframe, please use the function rmdTABLEDF.

rmdTABLE(file, caption = NULL, fontsize = 10, label = NULL,
  ignoreCaption = FALSE, valueTable = FALSE)



Character string, specifying the absolute or relative path to the table text file to include.


Caption for the table. If NULL then the title information in the table text file is used as caption.


Integer value for the fontsize.


Character string to be used for cross-referencing.


Caption can be ignored if desired (no caption will be shown for table)


Defines is table can be used as a "Value Table", allowing to reference values in the table. A value table requires the presence of a "value" and a "label" column. If these are not present, an error will occur.

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