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Value Table cross reference

Allows to refence (display) values that are stored in labeled tables. Two ways are possible:

  • Either by referncing row (not counting header row) and column number: "@VALrow,col"

  • Or by referencing the label in a ValueTable: "@VALlabelValue"

rmdVALref(labelTable, row = NULL, col = NULL, labelValue = NULL)



Character string, specifying the label of the table. Labels are limited to 40 characters and should not include whitespaces.


Numeric value (integer) defining the row of the element to report. Header row not counted.


Numeric value (integer) defining the column of the element to report.


Character string with the element in the "label" column of a ValueTable. If used then row and col need to be NULL and vice versa.


Table element value cross reference command as IQRrmd object


Alternative way in RMD (but not implemented in this function) - for ValueTables: "@VALlabelCell:labelCol:valueCol"