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R Packaging function for reproducibility

This function packages the R source code, Windows installer, Windows Rtools, source packages that are present on the executing system, and IQRtools. This is done for the version of R that is used when calling this function. The R packages are obtained from the Microsoft Time Machine for that version of R. The result of this function is a zip file (rrepo.zip). When delivering a modeling result together with this zip file will allow reproducibility of the analysis for as long as a computer can be found that has Windows installed (or can execute a Windows installer) or Linux installed.



The resulting zip file should be unzipped and placed somewhere on the WEB to be able to access it via "http://". Then the install.packages function in R can be used as examplfied below:

repos <- "http://iqrtools.intiquan.com/test/rrepo" install.packages("IQRtools",repos = repos,dependencies = TRUE,type = "source")