Convenience functions for model spec manipulation

add* functions create entries in the model spec if they do not yet exist and overwrite entries if present. Please consider using print_modelSpec after all manipulations to check if manipulations took the expected effect. remove* functions remove entries from all places in the model specification.

addPar_modelSpec(modelSpec, parname, value, estimate = NULL,
  distribution = NULL, IIVvalue = NULL, IIVestimate = NULL)

addCov_modelSpec(modelSpec, parname, covname, value = NULL,
  estimate = NULL, center = NULL)

removePar_modelSpec(modelSpec, parname)

removeCov_modelSpec(modelSpec, parname, covname)



model specification list, see modelSpec_IQRest.


character (for add functions), or character vector (for remove functions). The name of the parameter(s) to add or remove.


numeric, value of the parameter.


integer or NULL (default). 0 = fix, 1 = estimate, NULL = auto.


character or NULL (default), "L" = log, "G" = logit, "N" = natural, NULL = auto.


numeric or NULL (default), value for standard deviation of the random effect.


integer or NULL (default), 0 = fix to zero, 1 = estimate, 2 = fix to IIVvalue, NULL = auto.


character (for add function), or character vector (for remove function).


numeric, the reference value for the covariate. Attention: currently, it is not possible to have different center for different parmeters of the same covariate. When center is provided with the addCov function, its current value will be overwritten.


model specification list

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