1. Raue, Bioinformatics 31(21), 2015↩︎

  2. Kaschek, dMod, 2016 (https://cran.r-project.org/package=dMod)↩︎

Exports a define file for the provided dataset (IQRaedataER)

Dataset needs to be of format IQRaedataER The define file is exported in the Markdown format used in IQReport. It is humanly readable and ready to be converted to Word DOCX by the IntiQuan IQReport software. The main advantage of not directly creating a PDF file is the ease of manual editing in Word. If the IQReport software is installed on the computer, then additionally to the RMD file a WORD DOCX file is generated. More information on IQReport: (http://iqreport.intiquan.com). The execution of this function and the generation of the rmd file requires the presence of the IQReport R package on your R installation. The conversion of the rmd to a Word DOCX file additionally requires the IQReport windows or Linux executables to be installed on your computer. If you want to generate the define files, please check with IntiQuan to obtain the IQReport R package and also the IQReport executables.

  datasetName = NULL,
  datasetLocation = NULL,
  datasetDescription = "AE Analysis dataset",
  addColLabels = NULL,
  filename = NULL



IQRaedataER object


A character string with a name for the dataset. It should not be longer than 8 characters if you plan to send it to the FDA.


A character string with the location (path) to the dataset.


A short character string stating the purpose of this dataset


List with named elements. Names are column names and the value of an element is the label. If defining addColLabels for columns that are already handled automatically, the provided labels will overwrite the automatic ones. Example: addColLabels <- list(IXGDF="Other label",NEWCCOL="Label for NEWCOL")


If filename is not provided, then the filename is defined automatically by "'datasetName'_define.rmd" and saved to the current work folder.

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