Creating an IQsysProjectMulti project

IQsysProjectMulti objects are lists that contain IQsysProjects. The list elements of IQsysProjectMulti objects are named by default with the relative path to the IQsysProject. If the user desired this can be changed manually later. The names will be used in tables for display.

as_IQRsysProjectMulti(input, FLAGrecursive = FALSE)



Character string or vector of character strings with paths to folders. If these folders are IQsysProjects then these are added to the IQsysProjectMulti object. If these folders are not IQsysProjects then it is checked if in these folders IQsysProjects are located and if yes these are added to the IQsysProjectMulti object. input argument can also be IQsysProject and IQsysProjectMulti objects, which are turned to a single IQsysProjectMulti object.


If TRUE then folders and their subfolders are recursively checked if they contain IQsysProjects If yes, all these are added to the IQsysProjectMulti object.


IQsysProjectMulti project


There are several options to create an IQsysProjectMulti object. First, if the input argument is a character string or a vector of character strings then each element is interpreted as a path and every IQsysProject included in this path will be added to the object. By default the top level path is used. But it is also possible to add models recursively.

Alternativaly, input can be an IQsysProject of an IQsysProjectMulti, which both will be returned as IQsysProjectMulti objects.


Henning Schmidt, IntiQuan