Simulate Virtual Subjects, Cohorts, Populations

Virtual subjects, cohorts, and populations that have been exported using the function exportVirtualSubjects_IQRnlmeProject() can be simulated with this function. A list is returned, containing the plot and the simulation results as data.frame. Only a single output can be considered at a time - which is OK as the function is mainly for demo at the moment ... for real simulations one would probably do something fit for purpose or call this function several times ... it is fast anyway.

sim_IQRvirtualSubjects(VPpath, output, simtime, dosingTable = NULL,
  problow = 0.1, probhigh = 0.9, FLAGindiv = TRUE)



Path to which the export was done with exportVirtualSubjects_IQRnlmeProject()


Name of the state, variable, or reaction in the model to return. Only a single readout can be considered at this point by this function. No limitation - as by some lines of script everything is possible!


Vector defining the simulation time. If exported VSs were in steady-state any perturbation of the system can start at time 0. Otherwise - think about "run-in" time.


IQRdosing object to apply to all virtual subjects.


Lower quantile to compute (0-1) and plot. Median always determined.


Upper quantile to compute (0-1) and plot. Median always determined.


If TRUE also the individual simulations are plotted. If FALSE not.

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