Runs an IQRsysProject

Runs an IQRsysProject

run_IQRsysProject(projectPath, ncores = 1, FLAGrequireConverged = TRUE,
  FLAGgof = TRUE, FLAGgofStratify = FALSE, FLAGclean = TRUE)



an IQRsys Project


number of cores to use (uses mclapply -> only on Unix/Mac). These are not the number of cores for a single fit but apply only to multi start fitting runs. Parallelization of single runs needs to be defined during the generation of an IQRsysProject!


(Default: TRUE) Require convergence of the best fit to continue. If best fit is not converged, the project is saved directly after fitting and no plots are produced.


generate diagnostic plots


additional GoF plots stratified by covariates in the dataset are produced. For continuous covariates 2 groups are selected (<median and >= median).


Logical. If TRUE then the files RESULTSORIG/project_result.sysfit and project_model.sysfit will be deleted from the project folder. This saves considerable space but does not allow anymore to load the sysmodel.


dMod.frame including the original project and all the results. In addition, results are written to disc.

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