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Generate an IQRsysModel

The syntax to generate an IQRsysModel is the same as in IQRnlmeEst or IQRsysEst. The few differences compared to IQRnlmeEst comprise that data is not required anymore. Furthermore, in the modelSpec, there are additional fields allowed which are called IQRsys

IQRsysModel(model, dosing = NULL, data = NULL, modelSpec = NULL)



character pointing to model file or IQRmodel object


Can be one of the following:

  1. NULL,

  2. IQRdosing,

  3. list of IQRdosing with names(dosing) referring to different conditions,

  4. dosing_IQRest - like dosing information


Can be one of the following:

  1. NULL

  2. Data in IQRnlmeData or IQRsysData format, see for example import_IQRsysData

  3. data_IQRest - like data specification


model specification, see modelSpec_IQRest. Additional allowed fields are LOCmodel LOCvalues0 LOCestimate LOCdistribution


A sysModel object


Daniel Lill, Daniel Kaschek, IntiQuan GmbH